London Offshore Consultants (LOC Group)


Acuutech has provided a group wide system architecture that is the platform from which to build a suite of integrated, managed services across the LOC group of companies. LOC adopted hosted exchange at an early stage of its development and it has proven to be the right decision; highly resilient, scalable and flexible. Acuutech take an agile approach to project management which is a good fit for LOC allowing us to quickly see the benefit of a particular project and working with their team to develop the solution before going live.

Peter Baggaley
LOC Marine Consultants & Engineers

Very Happy to have connected with Acuutech as our IT Consultant


I am glad that I managed to get my Company to agree to use Acuutech as our IT Consultant. They are quick to respond when we have any IT issues and can always reach any of their technical staff when we need help. They also help us to purchase our computers which makes things convenient and we dont have to go out on our own to get them. They also recommend improvements for our IT to improve our work.

Judy Mitchell
Office/Administration Manager

Customise the IT solution with up to date industrial knowledge

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We moved office this year. Before that, we decided to upgrade our IT facilities. Acuutech stands out as Hitan came to our office several times and explained the existing IT system risks & suggested up to date new technology / IT solution with understandable language. He went to our renovation site to measure the space and understand the cabling route in order to provide us the suitable IT solution within our budget. During the implementation stage, Accutech accommodated our operational style and culture, assigned Mandarin speaking technician to do the project. We are impressive to Accutech’s effective IT solution and the quality of technical service. We would introduce Accutech to other China-based companies in Singapore if there is the opportunity.

Outstanding Reliable Support & Services

Corporate Serviced Offices

Please outline your business interests

Serviced Offices

Given your business interests, what were your IT challenges?

24×7 IT & Internet Uptime with Last Minute Ad-Hoc Requests from Clients for IT Assistance Matters

How did you first hear of Acuutech?

Started up with us on the same premises 7 years ago!

Why did you select Acuutech? What convinced you they were right for your business?

Knowledgeable staff who understood our needs and constrains (budgetary & otherwise) and can customise a solution to fit our needs. Staff are highly flexible and willing to go out of their way to help on any issues, even at the last minute.

What was the solution to your challenges? What was the process to find the solution?

Acuutech sat down with us to understand the problems and suggested various options before helping refine the solution that best fits our needs for our different locations. We eventually adopted a mix of multiple redundant internet lines, meraki wifi access points & switches which have worked fine for the past few years.

Do you feel as if Acuutech are proactive and “on the case?” Please give an example.

Yes – they assist to monitor our networks and informs us when any faults are detected, allowing rapid troubleshooting and rectification before users lodge complaints.

How responsive are Acuutech? Please give an example.

Good response – see above.

If you were telling a business acquaintance or colleague about Acuutech, how would you describe them?

Reliable & pro-active

What is good about Acuutech?

Offers many solution options to fit different budgetary or other constrains. Flexible.

Are there any criticisms of Acuutech?


What are your future challenges?

Overseas Expansions

Mike Chan – Managing Director
Corporate Serviced Offices

Mike Chan
Managing Director